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Iresh Ranjan Bhattacharjee

Iresh Ranjan Bhattacharjee I have superimposed 'astrophysical principles of gravitation' to various biological phenomena and got cent percent success to explain various intricacies in life science or solving so far unexplained mysteries on life, death, growth, evolution; including XX, XY chromosome based classification of male and femaleness in human or mechanical movement of macromolecules within cell based on molar weight, density and temperfature of the individual macromolecules at specific moment. I consider fluids that constitute 60-90 percent of mass and are less sensitive to gravitational attraction work as seperating distance among accreted mass. I classify accreted biological mass as homogeneous or heterogenous, based on their compositions. Gravitation is active in living organism and works as foundation for physiological and genetic functionality. I have shown biological life is not an isolated event in the universe, but a mere continuity in mechanism within universe. I have also explained the behind the curtain basic principle of various laboratory protocols based on temperature dependent ultracentrifugation for seperation of bioparticles as per their molar weight, density towards sedimentation taking centrifugation as reverse of centripetal action of self gravity. In space life, i consider 'gravitation on my mass' and its interaction with planetary gravity or microgravity.Please visit my listed works available at and solve each and every puzzles that is still being encountered in any branches of life science in order to curtail research expenditures.