Problem Solver

JM (Hans) Van Loggerenberg

Areas JM (Hans) Van Loggerenberg is Knowledgeable in:

Process flow, data management & integration, business processes.

Techniques JM (Hans) Van Loggerenberg Uses:

Think about the concepts you are working with. Ask how that can be transformed into another format. Ask how that can be done with technology. Sit down, map the processes. Test your answers mathematically. Write down the formulas required. Write down the protocols. Check that all processes are accounted for and integrated as a whole.

JM (Hans) Van Loggerenberg's Problem Solving Skills:


JM (Hans) Van Loggerenberg's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I invented the process of the distribution of electronic vouchers through devices like bank card terminals.
    I invented the first mobile proof of delivery system that is totally standalone and requires no integration into a current MIS.