Jack Hipple star Proven Solver

Jack Hipple

Jack Hipple's Training:

BS Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Some MS credits through U of Mich.
Myers Briggs certification
Kirton KAI certification
TRIZ Specialist and Practitioner certification from Altshuller TRIZ Institute

Numerous quality and improvement courses during career

Jack Hipple's Experience:

30 years in the chemical industry--numerous process improvment and product development projects
Director of Discovery Research--Dow Chemical (internal venture funding management role)
Director of Corporate ChE Research--Dow Chemical
Project Mgr, National Center for Mfg Sciences
NPD Manager, Ansell Edmont Corporation
Aerogel New Product Manager, Cabot Corporation
Business Development Mgr, TRIZ, for Ideation International and Idea Connections

Over 50 collaborative TRIZ problem solving sessions at Fortune 500 companies

Trainer in TRIZ Inventive Problem Solving for AIChE and ASME since 2002 (3 sessions per year, public sessions)
Trainer, Introduction to ChE Fundamentals, AIChE and ASME, since 2002 (3-4 public sessions per year plus 2-3 sessions at corporate sites sold by ASME/AIChE)

Board of Directors, AIChE
Chair of the AIChE Mgmt Division following role as vice-chair and secretary. This responsibility has included programming responsibility for 3 major national conferences.

Jack Hipple's Experience with Online Groups:

Member and leader of IdeaConnection problem solving team on biological engineering

Corporate TRIZ sessions involved group discussions on problem definition prior to on site problem solving workshops. Developed on line, but asynchronous, intro ChE training for ASME.