James Noble

James Noble

James Noble's Training:

Studied physics, mathematics, and architecture at UT Austin. I am a licensed Architect. I have lead teams composed of individuals possessing diverse technical skills in providing successful solutions to complex and often intractable problems for clients (some fortune 500) for fees, both as a sole proprietor and later as CEO of Renaissance Wind Systems, Inc.

James Noble's Experience:

Operational analysis, modeling and redefining of Facility Management team operational procedures for BAE Systems, Inc (formerly Tracor, Inc,) of Austin, TX. Similar work for Tracor in post acquisition absorption of American Electronic Labs in Lansdale, Pa. Development of prototypical design methodology for Pappas Companies, Houston, TX enabling them to rapidly expand restaurant locations both regionally and nationally. Development of presentational methodology enabling real estate leasing team to effectively manage lease operations of a major planned office community for Friendswood Development Company (Exxon). I serve as CEO of Renaissance Wind Systems, Inc. a company formed to commercialize new wind turbine technology of my invention. Two US patents, and a myriad of foreign patents were originally issued to me and now are held by RWS.

James Noble's Experience with Online Groups:

Certain work associated with the development of a Facility Services Database Management System (for Tracor, Inc.) were coordinated online over the web and most releases of the resulting product were delivered, installed, tested and maintained remotely in this fashion. While major strategic planning initiatives were developed interactively in person in structured off-site sessions with the client, nearly all follow-up work and delivery of physical solutions were electronically coordinated and delivered. At RWS ours is a virtual staff with all efforts coordinated by myself remotely.