Problem Solver

Bob Now

Areas Bob Now is Knowledgeable in:

Math, Optics, Semiconductors, scripting, patenting, engineering, parenting, ranching.

Bob Now's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. rtl
  2. validation
  3. semiconductor design and debug
  4. I am currently studying for the patent bar to become a patent agent
  5. ranching
  6. verification
  7. spice
  8. timing
  9. computers
  10. integrated optics
  11. emulation

Bob Now's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 20 years PC experience.
  2. Life time do-it-yourself nut.
  3. 18 years debugging all kinds of digital semiconductor issues on Motorola CPU16, CPU32, MCore, ARM, Trimedia multimedia Core, StarCore, Titanium SoC's, submodules (anything inside a mobil phone, computer, TV, smart phone, set top box, automobile, two way device).
  4. 5 years integrated optics, solid state physics experience.
  5. 37 years remodeling/construction experience.
  6. 46 years farm/ranch experience.