Jeff Winter star Proven Solver

Jeff Winter

Jeff Winter's Training:

* MBA specializing in project management
* Masters Certificate in Project Management
* 20 yrs of Engineering Program/Project Management

Jeff Winter's Experience:

At my last job I had 32 project managers working in 22 counties that I orchestrated as Program Director for a fortune 500 company. Prior to that, I was an executive (VP and later CEO) for 2 different engineering companies. I also acted as Program Manager for both companies managing multiple teams of engineers and computer scientists simultaneously. One of my greatest skills is my ability to identify what people are good at and properly assign tasks within a group to maximize efficiency. I also write and review contracts, proposals, and technical specifications on a daily basis and have throughout my 25 year career.

Jeff Winter's Experience with Online Groups:

Since the late 90's, when computer technology and the internet became powerful enough, I have been the project manager or program manager on hundreds of projects where the team was located offsite. This required the use of video conferencing, IM and other online media where I led the discussion and delegated work appropriately. I am very good with people and do not allow any member of my team to be taken advantage of.