Problem Solver

Jesus Posadas

Jesus Posadas
Value analysis/engineering creates value by the increased utility/functionality of a product or service at the same or lower cost. For me, it's priority over-the-top investment!

Areas Jesus Posadas is Knowledgeable in:

Procurement/sourcing and value-analysis/engineering of of input materials; valuation of properties, financial interests and businesses

Techniques Jesus Posadas Uses:

Value analysis/ engineering of the process by which a function/utility is created or delivered and creatively seek a better more cost-effective way of creating or delivering it by the combination of both logical and lateral thinking.

Jesus Posadas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Materials procurement
  2. Process consulting
  3. Valuation of prioperty, financial interests, businesses
  4. Value analysis & engineering of materials & supplies

Jesus Posadas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. The cost of cartons for the liquor business unit was escalating due to increasing price of bunker fuel and scrap paper which the carton supplier, an integrated paper mill operator, was sourcing from the market. I proposed a tolling set-up whereby the liquor business subsidiary (of the conglomerate I worked in) would supply the fuel (sourced on a total conglomerate basis) and scrap paper (from another packaging subsidiary) to the carton supplier and just pay processing fee plus other miscellaneous supplies expenses. The resulting carton built-up cost was cost-effective.
  2. The cylinder population given its turn-around time using cargo vessels was becoming insufficient to meet the required growing demand carbon dioxide demand of the Coca-Cola plants in the southern islands of the Philippines. I identified the major plant in the south and I shipped and installled one of the production units to supply this plant thus avoiding the costly slowdown or shutdown of the said plant and the net capital expenditure of additional CO2 cylinders.
  3. I was appointed Manager of Carbon Dioxide Supply for carbonation of beverages and the dry-ice production in the company I worked in. The process source then was the fuel-combustion plants. I developed the recovery of carbon dioxide in the fermention of molasses in alcohol-production plants by contracting to buy on long-term basis all of their carbon dioxide recovered.