Keith Everett star Proven Solver

Keith Everett
I have a BS in Biology, extensive training in CAD, FEA, and CFD, and I am trained in robotic design and development. I have extensive training in FDA requirements for the pharma industry relating to upstream processes, design of upstream hardware, and medical devices. I have had extensive training in plant tissue culture and plant environmental requirements. I have training in problems solving techniques. Additionally, I have been trained in liquid handler workstation programming, DNA synthesizer operation and theory, HPLC operation and service, microcontroller design and programming, in addtion to Intellectual property management for the Life Sciences. I have training in leadership and management models as well as interpersonal issues. In addtion, I am a licensed Ham Radio Operator.

Keith Everett's educational achievements:

Sheet metal Design
Complex assembly design
Complex Part Design
Front Line Leadership training
Intellectual Property Managment
CNC Milling Machine and Lathe opreation
Technology Transfer for Pharmaceutical Managers
GMP Compliance training for Pharmaceutical Production
Batch Record Compliance Training
Techniques for Problem Solvers
TECAN Automated Liquid Handler operation and service
Upstream Process Design for GMP Compliance
CFD Analysis with Cosmos Flow
Finite Element Analysis in CAD design
Microcontroller programming and opreation
Combinatorial Chemistry for compound creation