Keith Everett star Proven Solver

Keith Everett
I created the scalable growth rack in use with the bag-based disposable bioproduction system. This rack is enclosed (leakproof and shock proof), light transmitting, cleanable, self cooling, self monitoring, easily accessible, easily fabricated, lightweight, movable. By scalable I mean modular such that by combining seed bag racks you can make a 4x8 bag production rack and by combining 4x8 production racks you can create an 8x16 bag production rack, etc.
I invented a simple, scalable, bag-based solid phase harvester/ separation system with on-line biomass measuring capacity. This harvest bag could be integrated easily into an existing harevest process without the need for classified space as defined by the FDA and USP guidelines. Additionally, this harvester was disposable and could be used for sealed transport and storage of recovered solid phase materials
I designed a small scale, portable, biomass harvesting system for aquaculture and biopharma research projects
I invented a "harvest probe" which attached aseptically to the end of a harvest hose/tube and allowed the use of any type of scalable container configuration as a storage vessel for solids separated from a recovery stream.
I designed a LED based automated hotel for growing plant tissue samples in an automation system accessibility. This hotel had build in x and y1 axis and an additional y2 axis for mounting on the liquid handler robot. All of these axis could be controlled by the same computer controlling the liquid handler.
I designed a botanical based rapid throughput screening system for recombinant genetic screening of transformant plants, tissue, or cells.
I designed a software system for monitoring cell based growth maintenance systems that had subroutines for automated test implementation, harvest and screening of experimental tissue, automated report creation with video and digital images, and automated ELISA application to processed tissue.
I designed a high throughput DNA synthesizer for addition of non standard and multiple extra nucleotides for research on the RNA Stem loop.
I designed a DNA synthesizer vacuum system fail safe with microcontrolled valves and sensors that protected this class of instruments against catastrophic failure caused by commonly occuring valve diaphragm leakage/damage. In addition, I programmed the Motorollas HC7 Microcontrooler in assembly language, learning assembly language along the way from Motorolla personnel and through self education.
I designed and built a CNC router system for use in our prototyping lab that can be used to operate in 3-d space cutting aluminum, plastics, and high density composites through G-Code generated by CAD programs.
I designed and built a 4 channel PWM controller for LED hotels used in our plant tissue maintenance and screening system
I designed and built a large 3 axis automated plant tissue growth storage hotel for plant tissue stock maintenance and high throughput screening
I designed a CFD and image analysis based process for providing an one dimensional number to indicate turbulence levels in 2-D CFD cut plots
I invented a process for dismantling and repairing robot liquid handling arms
I invented 6 seed and production bag designs for light controlled biopharma manufacturing sytems
I invented a multi-well plate design in the standard 96 well plate foot print that could have 6, 12, 24, 38 or 96 wells that could be used as growth chambers for moist growth conditions integrating scintered plastic polypropylene as the renewable growth matrix. Each weel was fitted with a plug of the scintered material and the plug could be accessed through the underside by an adjacent port so spent media in the scintered plug could be vacuumed out and replaced with fresh media. In this way plants and or plant tissue could be grown for an extended period of time without manual transfers or the use of agar plates or tubes.
I designed a test for measuring the compliance capacity of employees prior to their being hired and working in a compliance controlled environment such as a pharmaceutical QC lab or manufacturing suite
I designed a master cell bank vessel that could be expanded into production without the need of a classified area or sterile hood for the transfer.
I invented a "rolling river" inoculation process for building inoculum in production bags without the use of separate inoculation vessels. This system, termed the "Cascade' system provided for a perfect match between inoculation and harvest timing.