Patent Holder

Kerriann Greenhalgh

US Utility Patent and PCT International Patent (PCT/US2007/078289): “Surfactant-Free Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery.” Edward Turos, Kerriann Greenhalgh, Julio Garay. US Patent Number 11/854,380. Patent filed September 12, 2007. Patent published on July 17, 2008 under publication number WO/2008/085556.

US Utility Patent and PCT International Patent (PCT/US2007/020006): “Biocomposite for Artificial Tissue Design.” Edward Turos, Thomas J. Koob, Kerriann Greenhalgh. US Patent Number 60/844,290, patent filed on September 13, 2007. Patent published on March 20, 2008 under publication number WO/2008/033505.

US Utility Patent: Methods of Making Biocomposite Medical Constructs and Related Constructs Including Artificial Tissue, Vessels, and Patches.” Kerriann R Greenhalgh, Mengyan Li, and Thomas J Koob. US Provisional Patent Number 61/138,165, patent was filed on December 17, 2008.