LaToya Johnson

LaToya Johnson's Training:

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession. I have a Masters in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. I have acquired Project Management Certification which has assisted me with understanding the cycle of projects and how to manage persons and entities involved in small, medium and large- sized projects. I have created and facilitated training courses for working groups in the past and my MBA training has given me the opportunity to facilitate business planning strategies and create detailed business plans for Clients.

LaToya Johnson's Experience:

My experience includes being a electronics engineering lab research assistant, facilitating numerous conference events, providing organizational management for associations, training course creation and facilitation, project management and administration and business plan writing for small and medium sized business clients.

LaToya Johnson's Experience with Online Groups:

Course creation and facilitation of a technical management course at a former employer, group facilitator for online classes, and online group facilitator for the Society of Engineers group in my area.