Problem Solver

Leelananda Jayasuriya

I assure you an innovative solution for your problem in mechanical devices, Physical Methods and Industrial process

Areas Leelananda Jayasuriya is Knowledgeable in:

mechanical devices, Physical Methods, Industrial process

Techniques Leelananda Jayasuriya Uses:

Since I am the owner of my company I develop all concepts depending on it necessity

Leelananda Jayasuriya's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. machine design, process design, method design

Leelananda Jayasuriya's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a new internal combustion engine termed as "IC engine with oscillating flaps".
  2. I developed a n "Uni-directional Gear drive" Applicable as a wave power generator.
  3. I am developing a waking machine at present
  4. I developed and designed an automotive park termed as " Inclined conveyance for Automotive parking ".
  5. I developed a water filter applicable for water purifuication and waste disposal management.