Lisa Singh star Top Solver

Lisa Singh

Lisa Singh's Training:

I have been trained in a number of facilitation models including Faciliskills (National Management Association), TOPs, and Transformative Facilitation. I also have been trained in large group facilitation through the Nebraska Community Mediation Association, the Institute for Transformation and the Ohio Supreme Court. Beyond that, I am a trained mediator with more than 10 years of experience and extensive training.

Lisa Singh's Experience:

Training in TRIZ creative problem solving methods, creative problem solving, and working with groups to encourage the creative process.

Strategic planning for organizations using TOPS, Faciliskills and/or other methods according to organizational needs.

Ten plus years of Facilitating planning, creativity, and effective meetings.

Ten plus years as a mediator in the commercial, private and community sector.

Ten plus years as a trainer in management soft skills.

Training intercultural communication skills and leading teams across cultures. I have a great deal of experience working in intercultural teams globally as well as in developing virtual teams to overcome barriers in intercultural misunderstanding and communication.

Lisa Singh's Experience with Online Groups:

Planning for city of Vancouver's transportation system, online discussion

City of Dayton, Ohio

Amerispeaks (several topics)

Redevelopment of Manhattan

European Union development of online facilitation forums

Regular facilitator for TCC educational facilitators conference.

A number of small projects and conferences -- too numerous to mention all.