Problem Solver

Luca Ronda

Luca Ronda

Areas Luca Ronda is Knowledgeable in:

Development of laboratory devices
Development of algorithms for software information analysis

Techniques Luca Ronda Uses:

theoretical, simulation, scientific search

Luca Ronda's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. device development
  2. blood assay
  3. blood substitutes
  4. encapsulation of biological material in silica gel matrix
  5. gas mixing system development
  6. Structural and functional characterization of proteins
  7. static and time resolved spectrophotometric studies
  8. protein crystal
  9. microspectrophotometry
  10. Protein purification

Luca Ronda's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Development of a gas mixing device for measurement of careful oxygen binding constants of heme proteins
  2. Development of a method to control humidity in a relative closed environment (awarded a solved Innocentive Challenge)