Problem Solver

M A Greenstein

M A Greenstein
"Creativity Spawns through collective genius" -- I offer best expertise to folks who recognize the creative power of a team that draws on insights across the disciplines.

"Apprehension fills the void where skills and inquiry do not yet exist.": If you're looking for tech solutions that can entrain people with new skills in wellness and human performance enhancement, talk to me.

Areas M A Greenstein is Knowledgeable in:

Collaborations that really are committed to bringing artists, scientists, computational thinkers and programmers together for more productive biotech and biofeedback innovation.

(I concur with Conrad Wolfram: Recognize computation as a necessary but not only step in a 4 step plan to use mathematics for design thinking and problem solving).

I have three areas of keen and dedicated R & D focus:

1. I am passionate about design that encourages and appeals to space and body awareness -- especially for the brain/spinal chord injured, e.g,

-- nervous system, neuromuscular regeneration

-- neurosomatics/biomimicry for transforming mobility and sustainable systems

-- virtual worlds for intelligence training, and traumatic stress reduction

-- thought controlled mobility devices for nervous system/ spinal chord injury, e.g., breath motivated wheelchair -- just revealed at INK conference in India!

2. Human performance enhancement via human/machine interface -- biometrics, biofeedback, ergonomics, including but not limited to:

-- Robotics in Learning and Disability environs
-- Electronic Prosthetics for Space awareness tracking
-- Sensory Suits

3. I'm passionate in general to work with teams focused on biotech design for wellness -- often missing from a biotech team is the person who speaks for the end user

Techniques M A Greenstein Uses:

Mapping is critical to getting the human brain to download networked ideas and insights.

I make strategic use of individual and group brain storming based on a) the stats of problem-solving in groups or alone; b) the neuroscience of trust & social bonding, c) architectural arrangement of social engagement d) the art of systems analysis that traces the flow of energy from cradle to cradle

Radical and robust use of mindful "breathing meditation" to stimulate neural networks for achieving productive states of "flow" experience.

I respect the time/space limits brought about through elegant and intelligent design thinking that zeros in on the 4 I's:

Inquiry, Insult (aka failure), Insight and Invention

Scaffolding is a critical step in design thinking.

Modeling matters!

M A Greenstein's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. systems thinking for designing mobility systems and mobility education
  2. applied neuroscience and systems thinking for wellness and rehab.
  3. systems thinking & analysis for human-machine interface -- systems & product development
  4. applied neuroscience for invention & design thinking
  5. applied neuroscience for designing immersive space environs & experience

M A Greenstein's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I innovated new GGI4Kids neuro-ed/design thinking systems -- both online and off to revamp education k-12. These thinking systems have been beta tested in K-12 schools in Southern Callifornia -- Orange and L. A. counties.

    The GGI4Kids systems are ready to be transformed into digital games that can be played across cultures.
  2. I have researched and developed a mobile and online strategies for self quan., biofeedback/biometrics systems that help to

    1) regulate habits of stress reduction
    2) maximize memory recruitment for problem solving and generating inventive solutions.

    Looking to partner with programmers and game designers for brain/mind product design -- currently used in skype conference calls with clients.
  3. I innovated the mindful, systems based, neuro-smart "meditation" sessions at TEDActives in Aspen and Palm Springs.
  4. I have kickstarted critical thinking depts, art/culture magazines and now my own blogger's alley publication:
  5. I founded a 21st century Neuro-Consulting/Idea Lab (GGI, Inc.) dedicated to promoting innovative design thinking through brain smart/body wise R&D, consulting and practices.

    GGI's expertise draws on an integrated matrix system of applied neuroscience/neuro-somatics, Results Coaching Systems and systems thinking.