Problem Solver

Md. Reza Khan

Areas Md. Reza Khan is Knowledgeable in:

Project/program design with 360 degree analyses
Monitoring & Evaluation indicator development
Product & Service quality enhancement
Market and marketing research and solution development

Techniques Md. Reza Khan Uses:

360 degree analysis
Possibility & Gap analysis
SOWT, PESTEL-G, Benchmarking, etc.
Financial Analysis
Econometric Methods, etc.

Md. Reza Khan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Analytical Skill
  2. Computer Skill
  3. Designing Skill
  4. Communication Skill
  5. Negotiation Skill

Md. Reza Khan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed criteria mechanism for selecting distribution points for FMCG products of one of the oldest MNC operating in Bangladesh, MM Ispahani Ltd.
    Tobacco Grading Specification for FCV tobacco in Bangladesh
    M&E indicator developed for rural road network infrastructure development under Local Government and Engineering Department (LGED)
    New packaging for fresh water bottling with more user friendliness
    Mobile Science Van for practical education solution
    SIF (Service Innovation Fund) Winner from Prime Minister's Office of Bangladesh
    Public Service Innovation Idea Challenge Award from Ministry of Science and Technology
    Electronic Display board for price information of agricultural produces
    Introducing Consumer Lab Testing in Bangladesh
    Shock absorbing side rails for roads and bridges in risky terrains