Problem Solver

Metin Bilgin star Proven Solver

Metin Bilgin

Areas Metin Bilgin is Knowledgeable in:

Molecular assay development
Molecular diagnostics
Nucleic acid purification and genetic analysis
Plant growth and diseases

Techniques Metin Bilgin Uses:

Molecular Biology, Genomics , Proteomics
o Analysis of genome structure, RFLP, M13 fingerprint, RAPD
o Epigenetics, CpG methylation analysis, MeDIP, COMPARE-MS assays
o Global gene expression assays; cDNA microarrays, Affymetrix chip assays
o DNA-protein interactions, ChIP
o Expression, purification of recombinant proteins in E. coli, S.cerevisiae, insect S9 and mammalian (COS1, Hep2G, AD293) cells
o Protein analysis by SDS-PAGE, IEF and 2D
o Enzyme activity / kinetic assays for lipases, cytochrome P450 proteins
o Protein/ antibody capture arrays, Nanowell -kinase assays
o in solution protein expression proximity ligation assays; PLA
o ELISA, Micro-ELISA, western blot analysis
o Bioinformatics, statistics
Cell biology
o Microscopy (Brightfield, Fluorescent and Confocal)
o Cell based assays: reporter-based assays, signal transduction, cell death and cell proliferation assays
o in situ proximity ligation assays, (PLA)
o Mammalian cell and tissue culture (including mouse primary hepatocytes)
o Flow cytometry; cell cycle analysis, Chromosome banding
o Viral or mammalian vectors ; Gene transfer (adenovirus –mouse)
o Plant cell and tissue culture

Metin Bilgin's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Statistical, computational analysis and data handling
  2. Find, link and utilize techniques in different disciplines
  3. Accurately reach and objectively evaluate information

Metin Bilgin's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Broadly trained, innovative and experienced molecular, cellular biologist- biochemist with +12 years of post graduate experience in functional genomics, proteomics and discovery driven research .
    • Studied cell cycle, cytochrome P450 metabolism, host-virus interactions, plant lipase/“hydolase’s and mammalian nuclear hormone receptor regulated drug metabolism
    • Expert in interactive proteomics, protein expression, multi-protein complex- recombinant protein isolation and characterization
    • Qualified in HTP molecular assay development and nucleic acid/protein chemistries/modifications