Problem Solver

Michael Ballard

Michael Ballard
I enjoy working with people of all ages, races and creeds. I've worked from Bermuda to Singapore, Halifax to Vancouver.
I bring an an upbeat approach. Researchers into human performance would call my style one of Realistic Optimism which has been shown to maximize opportunities and results.

Areas Michael Ballard is Knowledgeable in:

Changing behaviour
Enhancing behaviour
Helping new teams get back norming and storming into high performance
Helping hurt or broken teams get back onto high performance mode
Improving personal and family performance
Improving personal and team performance

Techniques Michael Ballard Uses:

Emotional Intelligence
Questioning and Listening
Brain Storming alone
Brain Storming Facilitation face-to-face or online
Problem Solving and Role Playing Facilitation and or Participant
Solution based Networking
Creating a Circle of Influence around a need / topic
Resiliency research on children, youth and adults
Stress Hardiness
Realistic Optimism
Problem solving using check list I've developed over 20 years of finding the best opportunities in the middle of the problem. Always looking for ways to ensure maximum results for moderate investment.
Reverse engineer the issue. What would an ideal solution look like?
I am a big fan of Edward de Bono and Roger von Oech

Michael Ballard's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Increasing productivity in retail store fixture installation and merchandising crews
  2. Developing resilience in organizations through measuring, training self awareness, skills and strategy
  3. Developing resilience in communities through measuring, training self awareness, skills and strategy
  4. Resiliency
  5. Increasing productivity in retail store fixture installations
  6. Learned Optimisim
  7. Developing resilience in individuals through measuring, training self awareness, skills and strategy
  8. Increasing retail sales in mid to upper priced consumer outdoor and indoor lifestyle leisure products
  9. Developing resilience in youth through measuring, training self awareness, skills and strategy
  10. Developing resilience teams through measuring, training self awareness, skills and strategy
  11. Developing resilience in families through measuring, training self awareness, skills and strategy
  12. Business Development
  13. Prospecting National Accounts Strategies
  14. Communications
  15. Inspiration
  16. Increasing productivity in retail merchandising crews
  17. Motivation

Michael Ballard's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Issue:
    Productivity in retail store fixture installation and merchandising crews for national chain was at best adequate.

    I did an audit of past best and worst practises. Complied a manual with an audit and check list of key components of each installation needed to be complete in which order. I.e. Manpower requirements, trades, equiment, access, special training, safety requirements etc.

    Productiviity was increased by over 51%. 49 weeks and 50 plus store installations / renovations later we had a perfect safety record plus we'd lowered fixture damage rates.
  2. Youth behaviour issues (stress and anxiety related) in the 13 - 18 year old range for Foster Parents
  3. Child behaviour issues in young children in the 3 - 12 year old range for Foster Parents
  4. Issue
    Public utility had a very serious moral program. Seven staff identified as a moderate to serious disruptive force. Hiding, sleeping on the job, beligerant behaviour and actively recruiting others to act against management and union leadership.
    A management, professional association, and union group did a needs assessment.

    I was hired and delivered three - three hour moduals.
    Rights, Roles, Responsibilities, Boundries and Expectations 1 - 3 hour modual
    Resiliency for Life 2 - 3 hour moduals

    We had some amazing changes in behaviour starting the day after the last program, to some very large ones up to 10 months later.
  5. Issue
    Fortune 500 company had started to experience high turn over in software division. Each professional lost represented recruitment costs, & $30 - $130,000 in advanced training. After 87 professionals quit I was call in.

    We developed an integrated self directed learning system for the 10,000 professionals in this division. The focus was on broadening and deepening resiliency for both professional and personal capacity.

    Key Results
    Turn over went down. The program is still in use 12 years later.
    The IT professionals, Team Leaders and Spouses have quite enjoyed the program. It helps them have more meaningful discussions around career and work life balance and success.
    They appreciate the skills in the program that they relate to both career and personal life.
    It has opened up communications and assisted the IT professionals take more responsibility and control over their career.
  6. Issue:
    Drop out rate, lower grades, failed subjects, student and funder satisfaction where some of the issues for Adult IT Retraining program.
    This IT hardware and software upgrading and retaining program placed participants in a 50 week, $21,000 program. It gave successful graduates the equivialant of five semesters of college, plus several industry acklowledged certifications.

    We developed a 7 day interactive learning program "The Successful and Resilient Student".

    Those that took our program experienced a 100% graduation rate. Plus over 95% achieved all of their industry designations as well.
  7. Issue
    Retailer of premium outdoor / indoor leisure entertainment products was suffering from lower sales and dissatisfied retailers.

    Developed an integrated learning program that took the retail owner / manager through a self auditing and staff audit process to identify what key issues where being addressed and which where being overlooked. Then the process and steps to correct gaps in their process.

    Sales increased in the months afterwards in excess of 150%