Michael Warren

Michael Warren's Training:

Facilitator training is an on-going process to hone the skills required to coordinate unique team players dedicated to solving various problems in the development of new products, procedures and guidelines. I have attended and completed several workshops throughout my career in management roles to include C.A.C.I., Xerox and independent workshops.

Michael Warren's Experience:

Product Development involving engineering, marketing/sales, investors and management disciplines. Some of the initiatives included the development of new print technologies in Dye Sublimation and 3D printing; development, design and prototyping of new sustainable energy systems; development, design, prototyping and marketing of new non-invasive transducer technology and environmental sensors; market specific development for new GIS Mapping systems; design, development and implementation of new video sensing technologies; new market applications for laser technologies.

These are but samples of projects completed and I am always available to discuss these in detail.

Michael Warren's Experience with Online Groups:

Primary tools used for on-line is Skype, as well as e-mail, PDF and graphics, etc. However, for me, I use constant communication usually through telephone conference and Go-To-Meeting for group and individual conferences.