Problem Solver

Niraj Jangeed

Niraj Jangeed

Areas Niraj Jangeed is Knowledgeable in:

1. Reading
2. Traveling
3. Blogging
4. Sports

Techniques Niraj Jangeed Uses:

Throughout high school and college I have tutored peers and slightly younger students ( a few grade levels below) through official, unofficial, formal and informal avenues. The reception was overwhelmingly positive. I have repeatedly been thanked by students and their parents for being a great maths and science tutor. I simplify problems for my students by making them understand the concepts in great detail. I then proceed to see how the questions they are trying to solve are connected to those concepts. My teaching methodology is acclaimed by everyone I have taught. The students I prepped for various competitive exams went on to perform marvelously. I obtain great satisfaction for that.

Niraj Jangeed's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. My institute teaches statistics as a compulsory course in it. I did complex projects and reviewed many papers.
  2. Mechanical engineering is my major. I am extremely cometent in all aspects thermodynamics,design and manufacturing.
  3. I am extremely proficient at solving numericals in physics chemistry,reaction pathways in organic chemistry.
  4. Engineers need strong base in physics. I am an expert in waves,optics,mechanics,electrostatics and modern physics.

Niraj Jangeed's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I did a project on solar steam generator system. It is used to prepare the food for 600 person at a time for hostel students.