Nick Nalder

I am an inveterate 'inventor', continually coming up with ideas and inventions to solve problems that interest me.

These range from new recipes (notably for a new type of beer-based drink for the US market, or for a way to get a low fat roast chicken which still has a crispy roast skin) through gadgets and devices (such as a 1983 invention for a headphone-based noise cancellation 'volume control', or a set of wi-fi based universal 'connectors' for audio, video, computer and other electronic devices) via whole new industries (a 1998 mobile payments & mobile content management environment) all the way to my recreational 'big ideas' (vegetarian meat, human gill system, deep space habitation devices, etc)

I have specialised in this space professionally for more than 5 years, both with the innovation department of a large corporate and through the company that I founded (Wattbox: