Nickolay Agapov

Composition of composite propellant for small rockets, very cheap and high efficiency.
Rocket engine on a viscous fluid fuel, by novation combustion systems. Can be used in aqueous suspension of aluminum - "ALICE".
Rocket engine with a two-stage combustion of fuel, a new principle of combining the advantages of solid and liquid propellant engines. High density, high pulse, handling in flight.
These motors are modification of missiles on the dense fuel with pressure-fed using a dense composite propellant, similar to the traditional, but with a different binder, and operating on different principles.
Pulverized fuel for cars based on cellulose, cheap and environmentally friendly, is not difficult to manufacture. Requires modification of engines.
The chemical gas generator for cars emit fuel gas, now at the stage of conception. Does not require a significant upgrade motors, but it works on another principle, may require investments in material and technical base.
Ideas can not be patented, posted on the network, the technical details to investors and partners.