Problem Solver

Nicolae Covalenco

Nicolae Covalenco
I am an expert working in different fields of engineering having high qualification and being author of more than 20 patents, majority of them being implemented. My knowledge is wide, especially on the border of sciences' interconnection. My solutions can be unexpected for some experts.

Areas Nicolae Covalenco is Knowledgeable in:

electrical and mechanical engineering
electrical lighting, inclusive LED lighting
solar energy using for water heating and electricity getting
optical fibers and heat pipe using

Techniques Nicolae Covalenco Uses:

Similar solution
Solutions of bionics
Thinking free of known solution

Nicolae Covalenco's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Usually my inventions and developments are on the border of sciences with using of very specific knowldge.
  2. in reseach & development, starting manufacturing of new products.
  3. Patents and developments in the field of plastic optical fibers for image creating and transmision
  4. Theoretical and experimental works in hydro- and aerodynamics, pumps, electrical induction motors
  5. Patents and developments in axial pumps, mechanical sprayers, induction motors, fiber optical screens, cinema, simulator
  6. Patents and developments in solar heaters, solar fruit dryiers
  7. PhD, professor in electrical, mechanical engineering with vast experience in design, prototype manufacturing, experimental work
  8. Leading expert in LED lighting, Led signage, developments in high power LED lamps and channel letters signage

Nicolae Covalenco's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. LED lighting. I have patented, designed, manufacture and commercialize LED lamps, LED channel letters signage, Lighting systems
  2. Solar water heater, patented. I have solved the problem of heaters lowering price by using polycarbonate sheets for this purpose. There were designed, built and tested a number of solar heaters, which are competitive with common water heating sources.
  3. My first experince was solving the problem of electrical drive for contrarotating axial pumps. Common solution was to use 2 motors for each propeller which conduct to heavy and complicated unit. I put each propeller inside of induction motor rotor on bearings and axe, united by a common winding. In result was obtained very simple and reliable pump supported by 6 inventions. There are two authors. My role was to forward new solutions, design, manufacture, test, inclusive field testing.
  4. Mechanical sprayer. The problem was that along with good dispersion of liquid it has small productivity. To increeze it's needed a big diameter disc.
    The solution was in changing disc surface profile with many channels of sharp angle form. I made theoretical and experimental work to obtain optimal parameters. All solutions were patented.
    As result it was received compact high productivity sprayer.
  5. Fiber optical screen, cinema and simulator. I am the only expert in this field in Europe and former Soviet Union with experimental results. It was developed the screen manufacturing technology, built a screen on this base, paneted a screen, 3-dimentional cinema and simulator.
    3-dimentional cinema, pioneering invention. It's world problem how to receive 3-dimentional cinema. Until today nobody managed to invent similar.
    The solution was to write images on carier by rotating optical head via a number of optical fibers installed in a special manner. Reproducing of images is made by few projectors responsable of a dome sector and switched on for a while. Time of projectors operation is adjucted to get a ful screen image. The images are projected on the end of fptical fibers receivers put together on the same manner as writer. Other end of fibers are installed on dome with the pitch between fibers.
    There are sole inventions.