Problem Solver

Nicu Pascalau

Nicu Pascalau
Motivating people to work or helping them understand behavior situations where problems can be easily solved if a closer look is taken,advices and guidness to the paths which can be broken

Areas Nicu Pascalau is Knowledgeable in:

Psychology , Art, society

Techniques Nicu Pascalau Uses:

Vocational, social adviser and interpersonal relationship

Nicu Pascalau's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Art critic and adviser
  2. psychology adviser
  3. philosophy knowledge
  4. dynamic character
  5. patient
  6. Moral values and principles

Nicu Pascalau's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Volunteering in School discipline matter, organizing a discipline program .Task: providing a higer communication level and understanding between teachers and students aiming common purposes.Contribution to it ,was to observe human behavior and proceed for solutions.