Problem Solver

Nilesh Parakh

Areas Nilesh Parakh is Knowledgeable in:

1. Accounts
2. Costing
3. Sales
4. Marketing
5. Sales
6. Management
7. Psychology
8. Improvement
9. Economics
10. Communication
11. Personnel
12. Production
13. Computers
14. Electronic products
15. Consumer goods
16. F. M. C. G's
17. Social science

Techniques Nilesh Parakh Uses:

Problem solving techniques which I employ are practical & are based on following things
2. Knowledge from reliable sources
3. Practical psychology
4. Practical social psychology
5. My inner sense
6. My theoretical knowledge
7. My survey findings i.e. survey findings of leisure time observations for eg. No. of adds of any certain product or WHY THE ANALYSED PERSON MIGHT HAVE DONE THAT?

Nilesh Parakh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I have worked as supervisor so I can help in personnel problems too.
  2. My research project for MBA was "A STUDY IN F. M. C. G PRODUCTS."
  3. I am management post graduate
  4. The specialisation for PG was marketing
  5. My special subject for graduation was costing
  6. I am a commerce graduate
  7. My papa is successful businessmen I help in business, so I have handfull knowledge of management
  8. I can help in Account related problems too.

Nilesh Parakh's Problem Solving Experience: