Problem Solver

Oleksandr Demidenko star Proven Solver

Areas Oleksandr Demidenko is Knowledgeable in:

 RNA Research
 Virology and Vaccine Development
 Cell cultures and cell biology
 Biological Engineering and Synthetic Biology
 Microbiology and Bacteriophages
 Proteins research

Techniques Oleksandr Demidenko Uses:


Oleksandr Demidenko's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Proteins research
  2. Biological Engineering and Synthetic Biology
  3. Microbiology and Bacteriophages
  4. Development of New Techniques and Approaches
  5. RNA Research
  6. Virology and Vaccine Development

Oleksandr Demidenko's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed experimental system to measure viscosity inside viral capsids
  2. Created general method of studying mechanisms of bacteriophage genome injection to the host cell
  3. Established and utilized an in vivo approach for site-specific mutagenesis of bacteriophages
  4. Planned, formulated, and executed a novel approach used to introduce and express foreign genes using mammalian reovirus (MRV) as a vector enabling MRV to be used as novel mucosal vaccine vector for various diseases, including HIV (patent application in preparation)