Problem Solver


find diifferent stratigies in dealing with abused women, creat avenues that prevent the abused from going back. there are so many ways to help and i don't want to give it all in jjust one time.

Areas PEARL WILLIAMS is Knowledgeable in:

mental , physical ,sexual abuse

Techniques PEARL WILLIAMS Uses:


PEARL WILLIAMS's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. and finally if different than the norm solutions that impact victims change help becomes real help
  2. i have done extensive research on this matter
  3. i believe that i have a voice an some solutions that could help victims
  4. society repeats the same mistakes when helping women
  5. i have first hand knowlege of abuse i escaped from it
  6. 1998 worked parttime as an abuse consellor fro abused women
  7. i just fel that i know enough about abuse to hehelp create some viable solutions for victims

PEARL WILLIAMS's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i would consult with victims over the phone . meet with them if they were okay with that and i would also accompany victims to the hospital and advise them of the options available to them to giet them away form the abuse.
  2. i did this over a span of 2yrs and i cannot talk about alll of the cases i dealt with as this would be breaking my code of privicy of the victims. and i don't feel that you need to have 10 experiences with the abused to be able to creat a workable plan that can help these people.