Philippe Mangeot

The first invention deals with the idea to introduce in a coding DNA sequence (a plasmid, a lentivector) a small 'target' tag composed of a repetition of 3 30-nts in size sequence. A siRNA against this target tag has been developed, allowing thus the very efficient siRNA-mediated silencing of what is coded by the modified DNA. See Mangeot et al. NAR 2002

I invent and characterize an original tool to introduce proteins in human cells by fusogenic vesicles. Upon expression of a viral protein and a protein of interest in producer cells, fusogenic vesicles are produced in the supernatant and can be collected, concentrated and dosed. This fusogenic exosomes can efficiently deliver their content in human recipient cells without nucleic acid delivery, allowing the transfer of various functions (ie transcription factors, membrane receptor). These vesicles were characterized (Mass Spec, TEM observation) and patented.