Problem Solver

Philippe Mangeot

Areas Philippe Mangeot is Knowledgeable in:

Gene transfer

Techniques Philippe Mangeot Uses:

Lentiviral versatile vectors.
fusogenic vesicles (patented Gesicles) to transfer proteins without genes.

Philippe Mangeot's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Gene and protein transfer in human cells
  2. Molecular Virology.

Philippe Mangeot's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a patented solution to control transgene expression in human cells by the use of a universal siRNA recognizing a tag in the transgene sequence (2004).

    I developed a patented tool to introduce specific proteins in human cells with fusogenic vesicles (2011). Adapted to the transfer of cytosolic, membrane, nuclear proteins (ie transcription factors, meganuclease)

    I solved the problem of french law restricting the use of lentivectors in BSL3 laboratories. My solution is to systematically use the ecotropic envelope to pseudotype lentiviral particles and to transfer the required receptor in human cells with fusogenic vesicles prior transduction (non-genetic transfer). This approach has been validated in various labs to assist IPS generation in BSL2.

    I developed a technique to finely modulate transgene expression in cells. This method is based on a TeO inducible promoter that can be very finely tuned by fusogenic vesicles delivering a precise amout of activating proteins.