Problem Solver

Pankuri Goraksha-Hicks

Areas Pankuri Goraksha-Hicks is Knowledgeable in:

Cancer Biology, Cell Metabolism, Genetics, Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Biotechnology

Techniques Pankuri Goraksha-Hicks Uses:

Research, networking, finding new multi-disciplinary techniques and trouble shooting,

Pankuri Goraksha-Hicks's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Hands on experience in cell culture, primary T cells, stem cells, mammalian organ culture, mouse work, Drosophila assays and ge
  2. Designing metabolic studies to anlayse cell growth and death
  3. Designing and analyzing metabolomics strategies for cell growth analysis
  4. Designing genetic screens - reverse and forward
  5. Basic skill set in plant biotechnology for secondary metabolite production

Pankuri Goraksha-Hicks's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed a reverse genetic screen to identify a key regulator of the Target of Rapamycin pathway