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Living matter and electromagnetic field
Research and hypotheses in the field structure and evolution of living matter

Author: George Parascan

Since 1984, we conducted a comprehensive study and research program on the secrets of living cells. The information we had came from different fields: biology, biophysics, physics, chemistry, astrophysics, botany, environmental protection ... Usually authors profile the various works from the point of attacking the problem some areas, ignoring the fact that living matter can not be explained only if we compare all the known elements, as well as assumptions, ideas, experiments ...

Evasive answers about the appearance, structure and evolution of living matter, m'au urged that in coming years to try closer to the mysteries of the living world.

The first important achievement was that we succeeded in gathering scientific data from bibliographic material, determine the identity of the visible absorption spectrum of green leaves, with emission lines in the solar optical spectrum.

The primary findings, and these achievements have been the subject of debate in the Salon ingenuity Bucharest, 1995.1996 editions, various scientific sessions, including in the field of environmental protection, Bacau, Brasov 1987, Botosani, Bucharest, Iasi 1995, Prentice Hall Bacau 1995, as well as a scientific work, the material in FOREST MAGAZINE 1987, along with V. Pascovici, numerous articles in local and national press.

The subject of the research remains open to future debate, he was perfect in content, according to relativity legitatii scientific conclusions.

Bioelectromagnetic structure of living cells

Solar radiation spectrum consists of electromagnetic spectrum: corpuscular radiation, gamma, X, ultraviolet, visible, infrared, radio. These wavelengths are roughly similar to cellular dimensions, respectively organitele cell or absorbent components such as clorofilian Granum.

This finding is particularly important, demonstrating a close connection between the wavelengths absorbed and organitelor spatial cell size. So each cell is specialized organic absorbing radiation approaching those of their size. In other words the size of cellular components are determined directly by radiation absorbed sizes!

Moreover we have to do with law dimensional calculation of radio antennas, TV. An effective antenna length ratio is 1 to 1PE 2 of the length of electromagnetic radiation received.

The primary structure of a living cell space, determined primarily by dimensional factors of electromagnetic radiation? Comparative experiences and bibliographic material support such a view. Basically it means that radiation can cause spatial dimensionality.

The second component of the electromagnetic spectrum, the intensity indicates that determine multilicarea, increasing the number of cellular structures. In other words, increasing the intensity of solar radiation, increasing the number of organs with similar dimensions to the incident radiation, absorbed. When this may lead to destruction of cells, they seek to mitigate the phenomenon, for example, many plants their string, or its back on some leaves during summer solar arsita. Living cells without the intensity component would pass through the necessary stages multiply, feeding ...

Another finding is that each organ cellular processes, issues, elements, molecules and macromolecules, with similar absorption and emission spectra. Chloroplast remember using carbon dioxide and oxygen, chemical structures with emission and absorption lines close to that of this body.

Chloroplasts have similar sub bacteria themselves, having a show of semiindependenta. Same cell and mitochondria. Chloroplasts and mitochondria are in symbiosis with the cells entered the cell? If so where are independent chloroplast cells, but the mitochondrial? How could they disappear completely? Simbionte current theories have practically meaningful evidence.

Basically we should expect the obvious conclusion that the cell has evolved from simple to complex, of nearby, adding in turn in order dimensional: 1. ribosomes and DNA, 2. endoplasmatic reticulum, 3. chloroplast, 4. mitochondria.

But to sustain such a development within the cell requires a strong and persuasive. This argument is however visible when the compare the evolution of multicellular life on Earth, the evolution of radiation yellow stars, the sun, in this case. It noted that as the sun cools through several stages of changes of the emission spectrum, the spectra of hydrogen, silicon and calcium, for instance having minimum and maximum importance. The appearance of multicellular life, following the ca. 700 million years corresponds to increase the level of hydrogen alpha radiation intensity H, in the sun. Maximum radiation was similar to the existence of large reptiles and dinosaurs, and caused a pronounced decrease apparently disappearing sea vegetation and large reptiles.

In this context it follows that the dinosaurs could disappear due to decreasing radiation intensity of the hydrogen H alpha solar and not due to a fall of meteors, comets ... Ultimate argument is that current birds and reptiles are not only present the missing urmasele.

Phenomenon with a wide involvement in biological events is the photoelectric effect. Most cellular events directly related to the laws of this physical effect. Basically you go to these laws, can shape a whole range of events and size inside living cells. Living cell appears to be similar to a radio that opens all channels simultaneously. Cellular absorption spectrum components at once light, react to it. Events in each cell component are closely related to the remaining parts. This concept of evolution build internal cellular interactions between components. Any change in the absorbed electromagnetic frequencies, as well as to their intensity, leading to destruction of the default cell internal harmony.

This explains why optical pollution, poor transparency of materials interposed between the solar spectrum and living cells, leading to destruction of cells that changed the composition: the ratio of male over female, increased or decrease the number of cells similar organitelor, chemical exchange activity and DNA ribosomes ... Basically it is seen extensive changes in cellular device absorbent, if the spectral intensity changes and dimensional changes in case of change of frequency with high intensity.

Living cell structure is a reactive electro? Apparently yes! That is dependent on the electromagnetic environment is a component of the electromagnetic environment, is in fact part of the electromagnetic universe.

All around us is in fact the electromagnetic field, knowing that all chemical elements are sooner or later turn into pure radiation. So that the living cells can not get out of this context is that such direct functional environment biopozitiv radiant.

If Darwin found that Earth creatures have evolved from simple to complex cellular theory comes bioelectromagnetic support the hypothesis of evolution from simple to complex in the intimate cell structure in the context of electromagnetic evolution of the universe, solar system, the Sun, Earth. .. Electromagnetic field becomes the main pawn structure and evolution of living matter.

Other arguments:

Living cells during duplication, begin to multiply first, organitele and DNA primary structures and ribosomes, following in order: endoplasmatic reticulum, chloroplasts, mitochondria. Basically repeat order in which they originally appeared in the cellular structure. Or this order was imposed by the evolution from simple to complex and from small to large cells in the context of relations with the solar electromagnetic spectrum, and why not, the earth, knowing that initially generate intense volcanic activity in different emission spectra: thermal, optical, X, gamma ...

Biological activity of underwater volcanoes right, very rich and large, argues how important is the observation of living matter in electromagnetic vision.

Analyzing colors to find what plants there are a number of percentage universal laws, very important. Thus we find that anywhere on Earth under conditions similar to the season and position on planiglob, we have the same percentage of pigment in the number of plant species blooming under natural conditions. It notes that only appear in summer plants vermion nuances, not red as stated seriously. Important is that we have to find a close connection between rates of color overlapping all species blooming at a time and the solar spectrum, so that the structure of fregventelor, as well as the intensities reached the ground. These findings support a genetic code Chromatic biogeneral similar to the DNA genetic code. Field studies that we conducted in 1985-1990, in the days when I worked in the Laboratory of Environmental Protection, ICAS, Hemeiusi, Bacau, perform measurements have shown that anywhere from color blooming plants in the country, get approximately the same data . This could be an important discovery in botany, as well as in the relationship of the electromagnetic spectrum and flowering plants.
The laws of living matter
Author: George Parascan

Law correspondence bioelectromagnetic living cell-type radiation stelaraFiecarui solar radiation has a corresponding cell in living cells Organic!

Law dimensional similarity
Cell Organitele have size 1 to ½ of the wavelengths absorbed! (Calculation formula spiders)!
Organitele cellular antennas serve as receivers of portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Law chimo-electromagnetic absorption
Organitele cell containing molecules and macromolecules mainly absorbing radiation between 1 and 1.2 of their size (the organitelor)!

Law organitelor evolution of living cells
Any change in the electromagnetic spectrum for the environment (solar spectrum, electromagnetic spectrum land ...) will lead to changes in organ cell number and change their physical and chemical structure, having as final result the route evolution of living matter!

Law evolution of life
Both organitele cellular prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells as well as single or multicellular organisms will evolve with the evolution of the electromagnetic spectrum of near sources (stars, sun if the Earth, Terra ...)!
Solar spectrum has undergone many changes, they are reference points in the evolution of terrestrial life.

Law organitelor cellular appearance
Organitele cell appeared according to their absorption of solar spectrum and complexity of their internal macromolecular evolution appearances while the absorption from low to high so that the wavelength and also because such a length dimension! Such order is obtained and observed: 1. AND + RNA + ribosomes = absorbed radiation "X", 2, reticle endoplasmatic = absorbs ultraviolet radiation 3, chloroplast (Granum clorofilian) absorbs visible radiation, mitochondria = absorbs infrared radiation, body = absorbed radiation cellular radio and microwave ...

Law independence intracellular organitelor
Organitele absorbing large amounts of electromagnetic energy (chlorophyll = 41% - ray visible, mitochondria = 50% - infrared) of the solar spectrum, creates dimensional substructures and acquiring domestic cell pseudocelule becoming mothers.

Law: The purpose of living cell
Living cell is intended to facilitate electromagnetic energy directly, or through internal chemical environment, the AND (RNA), as well as its defense.

Law: Destruction to the level viral
Living cells are physically destroyed by high intensities of electromagnetic radiation incident to the level of molecules or macromolecules, in which case no dimensional and chemical resonate with the electromagnetic field, resulting in viral particles identical to portions of AND, ARN, able to ill normal cells. Viruses are so destroyed remains of cells, having the structure and integration capacity in similar cells of their origin.

Law similarity live with the photoelectric cell
Living cell are all subordinate to the photoelectric effect.
All manifestations of living cells respect the laws photoelectric effect. (Number of similar bodies is directly proportional to the intensity of radiation absorbed by them, develop the electromagnetic spectrum organitele around intensive atomic lines of the solar spectrum, leaves the movement can diminish the absorption of radiation, as and when it wants to summon absorb so much energy needs to maintain the number of organ-specific).

Law spontaneity genetics level of DNA, RNA ...
According to the photoelectric effect, genetics and molecular level macromelecular occur instantaneously, following the subsequent cell to adapt these changes. Any change in the intensity of atomic lines of the solar spectrum can cause genetic changes. Emissions intensity variables can be born genetic changes periodically. Emissions on new frequencies can cause major genetic changes, changing the evolution and cell structure.

Law cells multiply sexed bodies
Cell colonies from single cells and composed of multicellular organisms, multiply by sperm containing AND, RNA and ova in organs, but without a specific AND developed. As the father gives in egg-bearer that carry paternal genetic code. The egg product is capable of multiplying first ...
In other words, nature uses a type of bacterial cell (sperm) and a eukaryotic cell type, without a kernel completed, resulting in the birth of a eukaryotic cell capable of multiplication.

DNA multiplication law
According to the photoelectric effect combination of intensity leads to increasing the number of electrons issued ID, like molecules of DNA that multiply under the influence of radiation "X".

Law organitelor cell multiplication
Cell Organitele multiply starting with the electromagnetic radiation absorbing small wave length and finalized the absorbing radiation than wave length (AND, reticle Endoplasmatic + ribosomes, chloroplast, mitochondria).
As prokaryotic cells and multiplication occurs.

Act memory with hysteresis effect
Electric fields from the senses, because the frequency and current intensity of marrow cell production environments and create a so-called memory effect due to hysteresis type of molecules.
The phenomenon is similar to Fe preserving magnetic field under the influence of alternating current,

Laws absorption spectra of living cells
Live cells of each type of radiation absorbed by using a certain molecular structure, macromolecular, or body cell. This respect the laws photoelectric effect: Change frequency radiation incident to get another electron energy. Thus each a corresponding radiation absorbing structure (eg crystals of eyes, each one on a frequent special - color - optical spectrum).

Law: Evolution of spectral organitelor cell.
Any radiation passing over a certain threshold of intensity,
considered unit measure, create by evolution absorbent structures inside living cells. The appearance of the organitelor is absorbing the high frequency common absorbing small organic unable appears outside the law. So there were no cell mitochondrial!

Biological communication law:
Living cells can communicate with each other along both electromagnetic pulse frequency (in intensity, eg colors), as well as perpendicular to them (such an impulse is that all resonant structures in the environment to perceive and react similarly. This explains the plants communicate with each other even if they are isolated by walls of lead!
Corpuscular matter should be noted that occupy the electromagnetic spectrum just a small piece (as light electronic effects).

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