Problem Solver

Patrick Ruto

In working towards providing solutions, i always strive to achieve the desired results with minimal time wastage and at a very reasonable fee.

Areas Patrick Ruto is Knowledgeable in:

Data related manipulation, analysis and its interpretation thereof
Research work
Sports related management and advisory services

Techniques Patrick Ruto Uses:

• My greatest strength is teamwork. The fact that I blend well with different people helps me to learn from every team member

• I diversified my employer’s customer market segmentation. My previous employer had a well-established market segment outreach targeting only the well off clientele. All company businesses were oriented to the major cities in the country. Since I was on a commission-based form of employment, I diversified to the less targeted markets in the country. Through it, I gained a competitive advantage resulting in increased sales.

Patrick Ruto's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Data analysis and interpretation
  2. Proficient in Information Technology - Diploma in IT
  3. Sports management - Badminton coach
  4. Financial analyst - Actuary

Patrick Ruto's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. • While working for my previous employer as a financial advisor, I met and exceeded my sales targets. Since I was on a commission-based form of employment, hard work was a personal trait, which I highly exercised to gain competitive advantage both for my employer and for increased remuneration.
  2. • The setting up of a central archiving system with regard to indexing and filing the scheme’s individual members totalling up to 14,000 members at the Telposta Pension Scheme and Provident Fund IN Kenya