Problem Solver

Paul Ralph

If you are engaged in a design project and having trouble nailing down the goals or requirements, or finding that your design process is more trouble than it's worth, I can probably help.

Areas Paul Ralph is Knowledgeable in:

design process re-engineering (i.e., improving how you design things)
designing complex systems (e.g., work systems, human activity systems, innovative IT systems)
projects involving qualitative research and design

Techniques Paul Ralph Uses:

I employ a design method based on a theory of complex system design, called SCI Thoery, which was the topic of my PhD Dissertation.

Paul Ralph's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. conceptual modeling
  2. design of complex systems
  3. business process reengineering
  4. design of educational courses and methods
  5. design of internet technologies
  6. business analysis
  7. interaction design
  8. qualitative research methods
  9. requirements elicitation and modeling
  10. quantitative research methods

Paul Ralph's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed and patented an e-commerce recommender system that generates recommendations from item viewing times without using collaborative filtering
    I helped a software development team redesign their project management framework to ameliorate conflict between team members
    I designed a master's level IT Project Management course from scratch to improve learning outcomes