Problem Solver

Paul Simon Macke

Areas Paul Simon Macke is Knowledgeable in:

CNC machining
Business CEO for 16years
Waves/slack tides

Techniques Paul Simon Macke Uses:

Is it fit for purpose?Production from drawing how many, what type of fixture, what process, is it profitable, can I cut metal faster quicker with other tooling or machine, is it full optimised. All straight from drawing or concept before cutting metal to be sure if profitable before you start. Bigger picture first.

Paul Simon Macke's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Polymer Science and Technology
  2. CNC Machining
  3. Business CEO

Paul Simon Macke's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed, designed, and organised all production/ procurement needs including jig/fixtures for executive puzzle market and for the automotive aftermarket
    Though a puzzle is unable to be patented this demonstrates a product uniqueness and fit for purpose process.
    Tonneau cover for pick up trucks is patent pending and demonstrates the thought process to meet a need and a want , before production.