Problem Solver

Pawan Agarwal

I accept jobs only if I myself is confident & guarantee a initial estimate of savings.

Pay Only if you are 100% satisfied.

Areas Pawan Agarwal is Knowledgeable in:

New Process Synthesis Route (Cost reduction) using new technologies, different raw materials, improvised equipment design etc.

Pawan Agarwal's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Technical Improvements e.g. Conversion, Yield, Purity etc
  3. New Technology Routes for Cost Reduction
  4. Energy Conservation
  5. Energy Saving
  6. Separation processes

Pawan Agarwal's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Ethylene Glycols, Glycol Ethers, Glycol Ether Acetate, Surfactants
  2. Fertilizer Industry - Ammonia / Synthesis gas
  3. Improvements in Fluoride Industry & Inorganic /Organic Fluoride processes
  4. Energy Audits
  5. Specialized in Benzene's Chloro & Fluoro Derivateives, Acetophenone etc.
    New process schemes for reduced cost of production