Problem Solver

Pedro Paqueo

Areas Pedro Paqueo is Knowledgeable in:

Chemical Energy (bio, metals and metals nitrides, NO2/N2O4, HNO3, N2H4, NH4.NO3), head pressure, strength of materials, metal and oxide catalyst, aluminum and gallium oxides, lithium and magnesum as capturer of high heat giver nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane clathrate fixing for energy and hydrogen production, waste to heat and hydrogen production, sulfur and hydrogen sulfide for heat and hydrogen production. So many chemical reaction to produce hydrogen and heat, managing the same using the properties and strength of materials.

Techniques Pedro Paqueo Uses:

Properties of materials, chemistry and metallurgy research. Published research readings.
Basics: Properties and Strength of materials are resource. Managing chemical reactions using materials strength (tens hundreds to thousands megapascals) recovers both heat and products

Pedro Paqueo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Cyber use (software and hardware), Cost and Activity Plan fast formats, search engine topic research

Pedro Paqueo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I developed material category of chemical reactions generating heat for recovery to electricity, produce and recycle back hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and fixed methane and carbon dioxide generationg heat and producing acetic acid.
    - Developed the NO2, HNO3, NH4.NH3 route generating great heat for electricity at a figure of 10 to 100 gigiwatts prducing only N2 and H2O products.
    - Developed the hydrazine route of energy generation at a figure of 10 to 100 gigawatt and producing hydrogen and recycle back Nitorgen and oxygen
    - Biomass and non halogen plastics fuel material and heat recovery for electricity and hydrogen production