Problem Solver

Peter Duschinsky

Areas Peter Duschinsky is Knowledgeable in:

Management and entrepreneurial response to complexity and change

Techniques Peter Duschinsky Uses:

Lateral thinking, facilitation, analysis, quantification of 'soft' cultural aspect of management and organisational change, use of project and excel tools etc

Peter Duschinsky's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business coaching
  2. Bid writing
  3. Corporate culture assessment
  4. Facilitating change
  5. Lateral thinking
  6. Report writing

Peter Duschinsky's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am coaching a number of entrepreneurs to help them to focus on profitable ventures
  2. In the past year I have worked with two training companies to lead their bid teams in successful tender responses
  3. I have recently identified and facilitated the culture and process changes needed by a non-profit organisation to attract private donor funding
  4. I have assembled, coordinated and led virtual project teams to undertake research, develop best practice and deliver reports for public sector clients
  5. I have developed and written several national guidelines for UK government