Petru Andrei

Automatic installation for preparation of soft drink- for this patent I work with my wife, she is chemist engineer.

Screwdriver with screwdriver adaptor -This tool work for screw with one canal and for a cross-head screw.

Device for treat rheumatism- This device use five energy form by doctor choice.For this patent I work with a team form three persons.

Device for photo-polymerization in UV dental prosthesis.

Cutting steel nozzle from a single piece - work with oxygen and gas.

Grip-fill -tool for electrical connection used in hard work in metallurgy.

Dissolvable Encapsulation of Dry Chemistry Reagent.With this concept it is possible to encapsulation aqueous protein in a dry form and this form must be dissolvable in water.

Method and tools for cutting composite glass fiber- Classical disc was use very easy.This new concept use cavitation effect.

First-aid device, offer oxygen for maximum 15 minutes.

Bath of light- for treating the seborrhea alopecia by the light effect of 627 nmm

Decor solution, New concept, products and technology for realise the stained on the child room windows without any help.