Problem Solver

Pieter Willemyns

Pieter Willemyns
If you seek for world shocking product or process innovation, contact me.

Areas Pieter Willemyns is Knowledgeable in:

Product design, innovation, process analysis, product management and portfoliomanagement.

Techniques Pieter Willemyns Uses:

In general I work in a very structural way using techniques as PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT or SWOT. However, when considering real innovation, there is not one way to come to an innovation. I mainly get innovative ideas when doing meditation like practices. Then I can abstragate and focuss only on the core issues. This enables me to come up with fresh ideas.

Pieter Willemyns's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Very innovative, very fresh ideas that are realisable
  2. CAD 3D and 2D, surface and solid modeling, parametric design
  3. Can take many issues into account
  4. life cycle analysis (from product birth to product death)
  5. Conceptual thinking
  6. Analytical
  7. product design
  8. ecological thinking

Pieter Willemyns's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. In my education, the following were realised in my last year of college. My assignment was to innovate on the shade-making market. I realised 2 brand new products which are now sold all over the world.

    Later I started working as a designer, but I am not allowed to talk about my realisations there. The only thing I can say is they hired me for my innovative skills.