Dr Prashant Agrawal star Top Solver

Dr Prashant Agrawal

2007 - Post-Doc: “Use of MRI to monitor the in vivo targeted drug delivery and efficiency of drugs to disease site” working on European Project “Meditrans: Targeted Delivery of Nanomedicine” in the group of Prof Klaas Nicolay, Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
 De novo lipid and biopolymer based imaging contrast agents.
 Liposomal encapsulation of drug molecules and contrast agents, as a drug delivery vehicle.
 New experimental setup for disease monitoring and drug delivery studies.
 In vivo MRI animal studies of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohns Disease.
 MRI monitored drug delivery.

2002 - 2007 Ph.D.: “Membrane fusion studies with solid state NMR: A new structural perspective on the interplay between biomimetic lipids and de novo designed synthetic peptides” In the group of Prof. Huub de Groot, Leiden University, the Netherlands.
 Synthesis & HPLC purification of uniformly labeled de novo designed peptides and proteins.
 Analysis of (bio) organic molecules using LCMS, IR, GC and UV.
 SSNMR studies on membrane peptides in biomimetic lipid membranes.
 Development of a method for a deposition of the lipid bilayer on a glass plate.
 Designing de novo peptides using bio-informatics studies on natural membrane proteins.

2001 - 2002 Research Student “Quantitative structure activity relationship studies on AZT and other anti-HIV drug molecules” in the Theoretical Chemistry group of Dr. S. P. Gejji, University of Pune, India.
 Computational bio-organic chemistry.
 Molecular modeling, Gaussian, ab initio, semiempirical methods.

2001 Masters project, “Synthesis of the -lactam; a natural product precursors.” In the group of Dr. B. M. Bhawal, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India.

1999 - 2001 M.Sc., Organic Chemistry, University of Pune, India.

1996 - 1999 B.Sc., Chemistry, University of Pune, India.


2008 - Currently involved in the new start up of APTanalyst.
2007 - 2008 Involved in the establishment of a spinoff, currently on external advisory board, of Coriolis Pharma Service, Munich, Germany.
2007 - Work package leader, managing the deliverables, milestone, reports, meetings and finances of the work package. Building new collaboration projects with different companies and academic groups.
2006 Science based business course: Orientation on technopreneureship and business planning, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
2006 Written and successfully developed and presented at national level competition (selected among top ten).