Problem Solver

Rasiah Ladchumananandsaivam

Rasiah Ladchumananandsaivam

Areas Rasiah Ladchumananandsaivam is Knowledgeable in:

Material science - recycling of fibrous waste materials for the manufacture of composites. Bionanomaterials, incorporation of new characteristics to textile materials - anibacterial, hydrophobic, antifungal, anti-UV, etc.

Techniques Rasiah Ladchumananandsaivam Uses:

Recycling and new mathods of using waste fibrous materials (PALF -pineapple leaf fibres) - meetings with the people involved (farmers), training on how to collect collect the leaves, method of extraction using the decorticator, preparation of the fibres, manufacture of composites materials.
Plastic wastes: meeitngs with trash collectors, orientation and organisation to form a group to transform the collected materials into new products. Also making films from nanobiomaterials for filtering

Rasiah Ladchumananandsaivam's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Textile engineering, Technical Textiles, Intelligent Textiles

Rasiah Ladchumananandsaivam's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. New materials; Technical textiles; Nanotechnology - Eletrospinning nanofibre production using crab shell extracts.
    Polymers e composites using textile fibres, Environmental management in textile industry; waste management