Problem Solver

Ray Snowden

Ray Snowden
Some people may feel I am not quite in their area of expertise, however sometimes it takes an outsider looking in to provide a (perhaps radical) solution!
I am 51 years old I have been an engineer/draftsman since 16 years off age. I love my work and relish a challenge, especially problem solving.

Areas Ray Snowden is Knowledgeable in:

Engineering, in particular cad programs that draft components. Basic programs for costing and design purposes. Develpment and drafting of new inventions/machines.

Techniques Ray Snowden Uses:

Logic, programming (early laguages not vbasic or c), teamwork and brainstorming.

Ray Snowden's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. degree in mechanical engineering

Ray Snowden's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have written computer programs for:-
    1) design of structural building elements.
    2) Design and costing of conveyors.
    3) Drafting of pressure vessels, ladders platform etc.
    4) Computer aided drafting of particular engineered components.