Problem Solver

Radovan Djukic

Radovan Djukic

Areas Radovan Djukic is Knowledgeable in:

Energetic, electronic, physics, astrophysics...

Radovan Djukic's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Thinking visualy

Radovan Djukic's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. True nature of revolution planets around the Sun. With respect Newtons and Kepplers laws.
  2. I developed a patented solution - DEVICE to decrease by half (Joule's) losses on resistors of generators, all transformers, wires and cables in transmission and distributive network of current electric grid. New idea for Ideal smart grid solution!
  3. What is Dark Energy, and from where? What is Dark Mater? Shape of universe? What is cosmological constant... etc... solution
  4. I developed (step-up and step-down) DC to DC Transformers without inductive parts, suitable for use in HVDC Transmission electric energetic systems. Also for use in electric car-industry!
  5. Electronic generator-sea wave converter for converted kinetic energy of sea waves to electric energy, very cheap and elegant solution....
  6. New renewable sources of energy, few way solutions.
  7. New theory of tidal formation on the shores of the world's seas! The well-known and now valid theory is not true!
  8. The theory of origin and the formation of tectonic earthquakes! So far, this question has no answer in science
  9. The true nature and behavior of the hurricane ! Explanation of the movement of cloud systems...
  10. Desalanation of seawater without energy consumption !
  11. The new lever ... with small force provides great pressure ... suitable for presses and braking systems !...