Rakesh dilip Sonawane patil

Rakesh dilip Sonawane patil's Training:

Proficient in use of MS office such as word, excel, PowerPoint and access
Well versed with software’s such as Endnote, Sigmastat, Sigmaplot and Prism
Developing and validating search strategy for different databases like PubMed (Medline), Embase, Cochrane library.
Pharmacological models development for various pathophysiological conditions especially in diabetes CVS cancer and CNS diseases, in biochemical estimation and histopathology
Elisa plate reader, microtome for histopathology, SDS gel, Maldi tof-tof, histone and DNA isolation, Molecular Biology and Pharmacology research tools like Western Blot and Cell culture technologies
Extraction and isolation of herbal drug components like soxhlet extraction, thin layer and column chromatography

Rakesh dilip Sonawane patil's Experience:

I was lecturer for 2 years in college and university department during which i used to take lectures related to pharmacology and pharmacy as well demonstrate practicals to graduate students. Sencondly, i was research fellow for 1.5 yr during which conducted xperiments and presented reports in conferences, Presently I am consultant in national regulatory authority

Rakesh dilip Sonawane patil's Experience with Online Groups:

1. INNOCENTIVE CHALLENGE 9932837 - Increasing the Affordability of Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine in Low- and Middle-income Countries

2. INNOCENTIVE CHALLENGE 9932661 - Biomarkers of Plasma Integrity in Clinical Sample
3. INNOCENTIVE CHALLENGE 9932658 - Impact of Genetic Variations on Drug Metabolisms
4. INNOCENTIVE CHALLENGE 9932978 - Foundation for Prader-Willi Research: Advancing Appetite and Satiety Research
5. INNOCENTIVE CHALLENGE 9932862 - Improving the Nutritional Value of Plant Tissues
6. Affordable Diabetes Care Healiate 2016
7. Rethinking Child Medication Co-create healthcare
8. Team Leader for Herox autism challenge
9. Team Leader for Herox Unique Patient ID challenge
10 Ideaconnection Name the Programme
11. Ideaconnection Flower variety of ornamental plant