Problem Solver

Ralph Orban

Areas Ralph Orban is Knowledgeable in:

Metal coaings, advanced materials and composites; firearms and ballistics and reloading.

Techniques Ralph Orban Uses:

Good old fashioned reasoning; PERT charting; group discussions; project/program mapping; goal-related engineering solutions.

Ralph Orban's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. documenting policies and procedures
  2. developing safety and process chemistry procedures
  3. Designing and building pilot equipment

Ralph Orban's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I coordinated several joint ventures and programs involving branches of the Federal Government and outside vendors.
  2. I coordinated a study at the request of the White House on the long-term effects of the use of defoliants in Southeast Asia.
  3. I developed a heated glove system for helicopter pilots using metal-coated fibers.
  4. I have developed conductive metallic coatings for fibers and fabrics for a variety of applications from electronic schielding to space tethers.
  5. I patented several metal coating procedures and their applications.