Problem Solver

Randell Heath

Randell Heath
Coldsweep provides non-traditional cleaning solutions for industrial applications. We specialize in dry ice blasting, high-pressure dry ice blasting, dry ice dusting, induction stripping (removes coatings, rubber and fiberglass from steel structures without noise or secondary waste), dust-free abrasive cleaning (95% less dust than traditional sandblasting using about 50% less abrasive) and chemical stripping of lead-based paint with proprietary stripper that allows for disposal of waste in normal landfill after the appropriate testing is performed.

Areas Randell Heath is Knowledgeable in:

Surface preparation and cleaning projects primarily in the power generation, oil & gas, food processing and disaster/historic restoration industries.

Techniques Randell Heath Uses:

Common sense

Randell Heath's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Former Aerospace Engineer - Composite
  2. Co-Founder Outdoor Engineering - Recreational products (kickboats and packs)
  3. Founder Coldsweep, Inc. - Dry Ice Blasting Contractor - practical experience with many industries

Randell Heath's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. While employed as an engineer for ATK I worked with 3M to develop a compaction tape coated with post-it note adhesive to replace a compaction method that utilized graphite fiber to consolidate broadgoods during rocket motor fabrication. The new compaction method saved ATK several million dollars per year on the first program it was implemented on (tape is much cheaper than graphite fiber). The use of the compaction tape spread to many other programs and to other compaction processes.

    While employed at Hercules I pioneered the use of dry ice blasting to remove epoxy resin from rocket motor tooling. The use of dry ice blasting eliminated all hazardous waste disposal fees, cut the cost to clean tooling in half and cleaned the aluminum tooling without damage creating significant cost savings for the programs that utilized the technology.