Problem Solver

Rebecca Witonsky

Rebecca Witonsky

Areas Rebecca Witonsky is Knowledgeable in:

I am knowledgeable about storage area networks (SAN) and comfortable with technical topics in general. In addition, my graduate accounting background enables me to quickly understand and evaluate financial statements. Finding stock and real estate investments is one of my primary skills. My fluency in Spanish allows me to conduct research about issues related to Latin America.

Techniques Rebecca Witonsky Uses:

Intensive, highly focused research is the hallmark of my problem solving. My problem-solving techniques include gathering and synthesizing vast amounts of information and data from a variety of sources. I also interpret the data to find new and unusual patterns and to 'connect the dots' from disparate but related fields. I think outside the box and challenge conventional assumptions about business and technology. I combine a 'big picture' focus with an ability to drill down into the detailed aspects of problems.

Rebecca Witonsky's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Internet: understanding of emerging technology companies in the Internet sector
  2. Education: Experienced High School Math Tutor
  3. Business: Excellent Research and Analytical Skills
  4. Research: Ability to synthesize and evaluate vast amounts of data from a variety of sources
  5. Education: Help foreign student improve her English-language writing skills
  6. Technical Writing: can understand and evaluate new technologies
  7. Politics: detailed understanding of national politics, particularly polling and voter segmentation
  8. Research: Ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to complex problems
  9. Technical Writing: can read and interpret technical material
  10. Technical Writing: Can publish information and research for technical audiences
  11. Politics: Local, State, and National Campaign Experience
  12. Politics: ability to analyze complex global political problems and understand Latin America, Russia, Africa, and the Middle Eas
  13. Business: Strong Accounting Background

Rebecca Witonsky's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I found a successful investment in America Mobile, a Latin American mobile phone company. I purchased the stock for $31 / share in 2008 and sold it for $50/share in 2011.
  2. I helped a student raise her SAT math score from 470 to 600 in 6 weeks of twice weekly tutoring sessions for one hour each.
  3. I identified funding mechanisms for cities and counties to pay for work force housing.
  4. In January, 2001, I published a newsletter advocating investment in Chile and Uruguay. 11 years later, these countries have two of the most stable economic systems and business climates in the world amid a global economic depression.
  5. I conducted research into Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Storage Virtualization using Fibre Channel technology. My research identified the security flaws associated with this technology and suggested simple ways to resolve these problems. I also developed a questionnaire for experienced Information Systems auditors to determine whether a given IT system was properly protected.