Problem Solver

Reinaldo Ferreira

Reinaldo Ferreira

Areas Reinaldo Ferreira is Knowledgeable in:

e-business, collaboration, networking

Reinaldo Ferreira's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Web
  2. networking
  3. Internet
  4. Marketing
  5. e-business
  6. e-learning
  7. leadership
  8. business process design
  9. information technology
  10. collaboration

Reinaldo Ferreira's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Architect and designer of a global business database with market abstraction, suitable for any type of company and oriented to systems integration (a.k.a. global systems integrator).
  2. Creator of innovative companies and designer of e-business models, both for "brick and mortar" and "bits and bytes" businesses.
  3. Designer and developer of e-learning tools oriented to improve learning and to reduce administrative workload, that led to obtaining international certifications.
  4. Author of information technology models, oriented to Management Systems, e-business and collaboration.
  5. Business process designer for manufacturing, services and commercial processes, using CRM, Web 2.0 and e-business concepts.