Problem Solver

Renato D'Elia

Do not Think that our knowledge it is enough to find the right answer.
"Aut inveniam viam, aut faciam"

Areas Renato D'Elia is Knowledgeable in:


Techniques Renato D'Elia Uses:

Squeezing my brain

Renato D'Elia's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business Development
  2. Game theory
  3. Logic
  4. Thermodynamcis
  5. Conceptualization
  6. Electrical Engineeering
  7. Aerospace Engineering
  8. Application of Algebra
  9. Complex Systems
  10. Pattern Emergence

Renato D'Elia's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a completely new product for Broadband Wireless Access.
  2. New approch in defining Improvised Explosive device counter measures - Formulated the new approach to avoid expensive and useless development effort of new products to counter IED.
  3. Formulated a completely new mission to set up comms links to support Mars Exploration Program in Cooperation with JPL.
  4. Solving a Thermal problem recurring to Erlang theory for a communication payload working in SCPC access scheme- formulated the technical framework
  5. Defined a suitable plan to control Passive Intermodulation Products. PIM generation is an highly unpredictable and dangerous phenomenon in some wideband communication systems. Solved a problem that can not be found in the technical literature. Formulated a complete and exhaustive control plan.