Problem Solver

Renee Kennison

I have found that being an "outsider" often puts me at an advantage in solving a company's problems. Insiders can come up with good workable solutions, but they have so many subconscious limitations from their experience. Outsiders don't know those limitations, many of which are only assumed or simply the status quo.

I love ideas. I love looking at the big picture. I like coming up with solutions that solve multiple problems and create win/win situations.

Areas Renee Kennison is Knowledgeable in:

Children, teens, dogs, cats, the environment, politics, health insurance, saving and budgeting, writing, concept development

Techniques Renee Kennison Uses:

I narrow the problem down to the most difficult part of it to solve and focus on that. I also look at the big picture and what the ideal solution should look like. I look for solutions that provide additional solutions. I try to think outside the expected and see things in ways that may never have been thought of before. I write, I sketch, I think - and then the light bulb goes off.

Renee Kennison's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Inventing
  3. Creative/conceptual abilities

Renee Kennison's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I invented a cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly cloth towel, dispenser and recycling system to replace paper towel use.
  2. I have written up a simple and sound solution, sent to representatives, to solve the nation's health insurance crisis, which offers fairness and true competition. Its result would cause the wealthy and upper middle income people to choose private plans, and middle and lower income people to choose a public plan. The healthy and sick would naturally divide between public and private insurances, thereby creating balances in risk.
  3. I have devised plans for a private, non-profit health insurance co-op that lowers costs, increases competition and productivity, and provides more complete coverage.
  4. I invented a simple device to solve an age-old problem in the school supply category through Edison Nation. This invention made it through Edison Nation's 7-step process and was presented to search sponsor.
  5. I invented a product for obese men that helps them keep their pants up, which unlike suspenders, can be worn with shirts untucked.
  6. I invented a bedding system that solves the difficulties of making beds/changing sheets for upper bunks. Invention has made it twice through Edison Nation's 7-step approval process and has been presented to search sponsors. Was in final consideration.